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The Circle.


We don’t believe in curriculums,

we believe in experience.


The next evolution
of the most recognised
Showrunner Masterclass.

The Circle.


Peer-to-peer Education.

The Showrunner Society Circle is a 6-month program. It's a personalized, peer-to-peer experience, for the best up and coming talent to take their careers to the next level. The online and in person program pairs top showrunners together with experienced writers, creative producers and executives from around the world to learn the complex skill set required to be a successful showrunner.




Each Circle consists of 10 hand-selected international creatives who will foster an exclusive environment of trust and shared experiences with their mentors and mentees, each learning and benefiting from each others knowledge. No Circle is alike and is tailored to the specific needs of the participants.


Circle of


The participants engage in a personal journey and group journey, led by an advisor who ensures they each have access to the mentors and resources that best benefit their education, as well as encouraging the participants and mentors to support and grow with each other, creating lifelong professional relationships.




The experience is a balanced mix of knowledge and inspiration, analytical rationality and adventurous association. The program is uniquely designed to approach each topic in 3 Stages: Industry Input, Group Discussion and Personalized Follow Up. In this way, participants engage in whatever way best suits their learning style to maximize benefits.


The Society membership.

An exclusive place for our members to meet peers and build real connections, while fostering an international community of talent and opportunity.



The Showrunner Society Circle is selective, accepting up to 12 participants per event. As each Circle is only as good as its participants, we make sure that the group of people selected is an ideal fit, with the right amount of experience to build on to ensure a high level of success.

Upcoming Talent

We seek to close the gap by enriching the experiences of senior writers, creative producers and writing directors looking to broaden skill sets, venture into new creative territories, or simply tackle the new challenges that showrunning brings.


Top-level showrunners and industry expert join our

Circles to share knowledge and experience but also

to learn, grow and be inspired.


Networks and Commissioners

Network Executives and commissioners join our

Circles to build relationships with talent and share

insights from their vantage point in the industry.


The Circle.

Participants should be fluent in English and willing to share their industry experience and knowledge. The Circle is the ultimate gamechanger for creative talent who a ready to take the next step in their careers.

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