The Circle.


We don’t believe in curriculums,

we believe in experience.


The next evolution
of the most recognised
Showrunner Masterclass.

The Circle.

Be part of it.


Exclusive access.

The group will learn from the experts’ adventures

and experiences in the television business, listen in as the showrunners discuss and debate the

strategies they use to turn their creative visions into successful series and be given the opportunity to work with and ask questions to those who make the series everyone wants to watch.


Peer to peer education.

Like-minded peers will share their own ideas and

experiences with each other, learning how their

industries vary across the globe, what challenges and opportunities they navigate and form bonds for future collaboration.


Personal mentorship.

The Circle offers the possibility of participants being able to shadow their mentors on series that their mentors currently have in production. This inperson, on-set experience offers a hands-on education in how experienced showrunners make their visions happen, moving from the classroom to the real world.


Circle of trust.

Creative thinking is triggered when great minds are willing to share and come together in strong

multidisciplinary groups. To ensure diversity of

experience and background, we include

participants from the most diverse fields across the worldwide business of screen entertainment.

Participants join in a ‘Circle of Trust’ based on the Chatham House Rules, creating a space to safety and honesty, where exceptional ideas and

collaborations are born.


The Society membership.

By joining the Circle you will receive an honorary

mebership to The Society. An exclusive place for

our members to meet peers and build real

connections, while fostering an international

community of talent and opportunity.



Our Circle is selective, accepting no more than 30 participants per

event. As each Circle is only as good as its participants, we make

sure that the group of people selected is an ideal fit, with the right

amount of experience to build on to ensure a high level of success.

Upcoming Talent

Participants include experienced creators, writers,

directors, and producers from all over the world.


Top-level showrunners and industry expert join our

Circles to share knowledge and experience but also

to learn, grow and be inspired.

Networks and Comissioners


Network Executives and comissioners join our

Circles to build relationships with talent and share

insights from their vantage point in the industry.


The Circle.

Participants should be fluent in English and willing to share their industry experience and knowledge. The Circle is the ultimate gamechanger for creative talent at any stage in their career.