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The Showrunning

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The centerpiece of THE SHOWRUNNER SOCIETY is the EMC Showrunning Masterclass – a real life Masterclass in a real room, having real interactions with peers and learning from those who do it best. Over 4 days, a hand selected group of 20-30 producing writers/writing producers, directors and executives from the leading studios, production companies, streamers and broadcasters from all over Europe will be taught and mentored by some of the world’s best showrunners.


The group will learn from the experts’ adventures and experiences in the television business, listen in as the showrunners discuss and debate the strategies they use to turn their creative visions into successful series and be given the opportunity to work with and ask questions to those who make the series everyone wants to watch. 


Along with four days packed with hands-on workshops and sessions, like-minded peers will share their own experiences and strategies with each other, learning how their industries vary across the globe, what challenges and opportunities they navigate and form bonds for future collaboration. 


Professional mentoring is also a major element of the program. Participants will be paired with individual showrunners to guide the development of the participants' original projects. This unique one on one experience will help participants focus and refine their scripts and presentation packages, with input from professionals who know the business better than anyone else.

Cultivating the Future of Showrunning

The Showrunning Masterclass will also offer the possibility of participants being able to shadow their mentors on series that their mentors currently have in production. This in-person, on-set experience offers a hands-on education in how veteran showrunners make their visions happen, moving from the classroom to the real world.

After and between workshops participants will mix and mingle over meals and evening events, sharing stories, exchanging ideas and getting to know their colleagues on a personal and professional level, helping to expand the network of contacts that are at the heart of the television business. 


Community is fostered after completion of the masterclass. Participants share their experiences shadowing real showrunners on real productions with each other and will be part of the EMC worldwide Alumni Network. 

Our Masterclass Program is selective, accepting no more than thirty participants for each Masterclass. As each Masterclass is only as good as its participants, we want to make sure that the group of people selected is a good fit, with the right amount of experience to build on to ensure a high level of success.


We are convinced that creative thinking can be triggered when different minds who are willing to share come together in strong multidisciplinary groups. To ensure diversity of experience and background, we are looking for participants from the most diverse fields across the worldwide business of screen entertainment. Participants include creators, writers, directors and producers.

Participants should be fluent in English and willing to share their industry experience and knowledge.


THE SHOWRUNNER SOCIETY is a home to showrunners, a way for experienced writers and writing producers to learn the craft of showrunning, and a place for media executives to access a pool of talent capable of making the quality series that they need. It’s a multimedia experience offering a chance to hear from and talk with the leading showrunners from the US, Europe and the rest of the world. It is a forum to share experiences, exchange ideas, keep up with changes in the media landscape and develop the relationships that are the key to success. 

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