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What is Showrunning?

There is not

one process

that fits all.

Showrunning is best described as the process that

takes a show from scratch to screen, from creation

to completion. There is not one process that fits all.

Like form follows function, the process follows the

vision of the show.


Those who hold the

vision and lead this

process, from

beginning to end, are

called Showrunners.


One person,

or a shared role.

The role can be shared, provided the partners have

complimentary skillsets and are in complete

alignment on the vision. The team may consist of

two or even three people, but usually not more, as

the differences in opinion may cause the creative

vision to get lost, essentially reproducing the need

of a leading vision holder.

Television series are

a showrunner's medium.

The position is unique to series creation and essential to building a

uniform end product ensuring all episodes within all seasons are

consistent. While the showrunner position originated within the drama

series world, it is necessary when serializing any format and is therefore

carrying across to other genres like comedy, non-scripted and



It's about making real

decisions about real

problems in the real world of production.


Showrunning requires more than solid writing.

It’s about knowing how to turn a creative vision into

production reality, overseeing the many moving parts

throughout the entire production. It’s about making real

decisions about real problems in the real world of

production – far beyond the original seed of creation. It

requires an understanding of how to lead a team and

to manage creatives and creativity. It’s a role best

suited for people who are able to clearly communicate

their vision – both on a large scale and in minute detail

– not only to creatives, but also to studio and network


A good story is where every path to becoming a Showrunner begins.


There's no single

path to becoming

a showrunner.

But it always requires strong collaborative skills and

leadership capabilities. You may also need a proven

track record to show that you are a safe hand before

being asked to become the showrunner.

Regardless of what path you find yourself on, it always

starts with being a great storyteller. A good story is

where every path to becoming a showrunner begins.

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