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The Society

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300 € / year

The main tenets
of the Society can be
summed up in three
Connect, Share
and Grow.


The Showrunner Society offers members the opportunity to expand their professional network

through the digital platform and host of local and international live events. It is a way for

members to meet peers from their region and around the world, to forge professional

relationships with industry leaders and emerging talent and to be at the forefront of a fast-

changing business.


The Showrunner Society is an exclusive group of the most experienced and talented

showrunners in the business. It’s a place where professionals can meet colleagues from their

region and from around the world. It’s a way for members to freely exchange ideas, discuss

the realities of program making, and learn from their peers. The live events operate under

Chatham House Rules, with no recording or press, so that the discussions can be candid,

honest, and useful.

”The Showrunner Society is

an incubator for new talent,

an accelerator for established

professionals and a facilitator

for high-level industry

networking and relationships.

Everyone has something to

share, everyone has

something to learn, and

everyone something to gain.”


The Society is a place where every member can learn from each other. Every member has

something to contribute. Learning is a lifelong experience and a two-way street. Experienced

members can help mentor the next generation of talent while at the same time opening

themselves up to new perspectives and points of view, and innovative new approaches to



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Exclusive invites to our yearly
social industry gatherings.

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Early bird access and member discounts for our Masterclass.


Visibility within our Society network, accessible exclusively to our members.


Opportunity to access live, private Zoom sessions with our top level showrunners.


The Showrunner Society is constantly striving to

provide more value to our members and will

continuously evolve our membership program as our

community grows.

Memberships are on an individual basis only. New

members will require two (2) letters of

recommendation from pre-existing members.

Prices are yearly. 300 euro/per year. Membership

enrollment will automatically roll over to the following

year, unless cancelled in advance.

Please contact us for eligibility and details.