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Showrunner Society Membership

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The Showrunner Society is founded on the belief in the importance of community. We endeavor to create a space for members to exchange their skills and experience, collaborate on projects and to widen their network. 


Our Members benefit from: 


  • Exclusive invites to our yearly social industry gatherings.


  • Early bird access and member discounts for our highly sought after Showrunning Masterclass. 

  • Visibility within our Showrunner Society network, accessible exclusively by our members.

  • Opportunity to access live, private Zoom sessions and have the opportunity to speak with and listen in on conversations with our to top level showrunners.


  • Access to behind the scenes video content of the creation of our Inside Story Interviews and Showrunner Society Podcast.


The Showrunner Society is constantly striving to provide more value to our members and will continuously evolve our membership program as our community grows. 


Memberships are on an individual basis only. New members will require two (2) letters of recommendation from pre-existing members. 


Prices are yearly. 300 euro/per year. Membership enrollment will automatically roll over to the following year, unless cancelled in advance. 


Please contact us for eligibility and details. 

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